Just For Fun Version

It’s funny to me how easily things can become burdens. Even things that are hobbies or larks can turn into a duty that one dreads (I’m looking at you blog). Anything that one takes the time to work on and get better at can become resented.

That’s why I love the idea of a “Just For Fun Version.” I’ll give you an example:

I love writing songs for my band, but getting a song from the melody in my head to a fully realized composition with bridges, parts for all the instruments, harmonies and the practice it takes to get the song sounding decent can feel like a sisyphean task. I love putting together those songs and I take pride in the final product, but it can be hard to motivate myself and the band to get from soup to nuts on a new song.

On the other hand, when a friend of mine is making a movie and he needs some lyrics written for a joke song.  Its such a joy.  The pressure of collaborating and practicing is completely lifted.  Because its a joke song I don’t have to mess with the tone or feeling. But the real difference, is how low the stakes are. When someone asks me to do this on a lark I can relax and let loose. Without having to fulfill expectations from others, but more importantly without having to overcome my own personal censor.

I love to create for this blog, for my band, in brewing beer, and in any number of other arenas. The main thing that keeps me from doing more is not external criticism but my own self censor.

If I get stuck thinking of what I do as the thing I am going to be judged by I can get lost in my own insecurities. If I can convince myself that what I am doing is first and foremost to please myself, I end up making things I would be happy to be judged for.