Mustache Weekend

Whether we conform to them or rebel against them we’re all, in some ways, defined by our commitments. Family, work, and rent are some of the basic ones, but there are millions. Generally people think of commitments defining them in a negative way, living for the weekend, being tied to a horrible mortgage or job.

But, commitment can also be a source of success pride and fulfillment. Think of your greatest accomplishments, would they have been possible without what you have committed to? It is hard to adjust to unemployment, retirement, or single life, not only because we miss some financial support or companionship, but also because we are partly defined by what it is we commit to.

I am enthusiastic about the idea of identity and the notion that who you are should be fluid. But some responsibilities limit the expression of identity. There are some clothes that are not appropriate for jobs. Some attitudes that are unhelpful in the presence of family. We hMustacheave to in conforming to any responsibility suppress some part of ourselves, and its only natural that we should look for a healthy opportunity to let that out. It was with this in mind that I embarked upon a mustache weekend.

I wouldn’t wear a mustache to an interview. I am no mustache man. My uncle Chris might be, I am not. But, for a break on a weekend its nice to look different, to be different then the person you are most of the time. It’s not dishonest it’s a break and a new approach, I enjoyed it.

But, tomorrow I’ll be happy to be clean shaven again.