They Tried to Steal My Website

Gentle reader, you are at a crime scene.  I usually like to post interviews on Wednesday, but when I tried to log in Yesterday I was unable to enter my website.

I was Victim of an Online Attack

Someone or something got access to the back end of this website.

The site never went down.  They didn’t vandalize the posts.  Tell you the truth it was a pretty mellow online attack. Remedied by a little time with the tech support and security team from my web host.

But, they did change my user name and password and I was locked out all of yesterday. I usually feature a new interview every Wednesday but because I have a guest post for Friday and today was pretty much shot on trying to get this thing back up and running I will just have next week feature two.

The Disconcerting Part is How Random It Was

Is there some entity out there that doesn’t like my commentary on cover bands or wants to keep the stories of Brazil’s Emerald mines under wraps? It seems unlikely.

I have already changed the passwords to all the accounts I can think of, but I would be surprised if the person who hacked into this website was in my email or (God forbid) my Twitter.

Anyway, I’m sorry if you missed the site. I can’t promise that this will never happen again, but I can promise vigilance. And by vigilance I mean that if this happens again I promise to call tech support again.