Bears, Hawks, Sox, Bulls!

If you ever owned a pair of Bears Zubas or served brats and O’Douls to your guests I got a track for you.

This track is Serengeti’s “Dennehy.” It’s a great song for Chicagoans with civic pride, and it reminds me why every time I shave I consider leaving the ‘stache. This isn’t the first or the last hip hop song you will hear about Chicago, Kanye and Common both have their own, but this is the only one that sounds like it could of been written by one of Saturday Night Live’s SuperFans. If the beat sounds familiar it was previously featured on a Master Ace song “Da Grind” another good song for summertime reminiscing. If the story sounds familiar that’s just Chicago living.

Playlist for Mama

My Mama was there when I bought my first album and the person who taught me to love music. I would be surprised if a lot of you weren’t in the same boat. So this mother’s day let’s have a little music for the Mamas and probably the mamacitas too.

Let’s Stay Together

Why, people want to break up…

In honor of the Bulls making sure this series doesn’t end, by defeating the Celtics and forcing a game 7 Tonight’s podcast is going to be a playlist about keeping keeping it together.
Everyone who has ever thought that his girl or guy broke it off to soon knows how this feels. These tracks are dedicated to you, and the Bulls, and all our favorite ex-girlfriends.

Play List

7. You Need Love Like I Do (Don’t You) – Gladys Knight & The Pips
Next podcast Wednesday May 6, 8:00ish
P.S. If you need a primer on the Bulls Celtics Series check this out.

P.P.S. If you need another playlist check this out.

A Critic’s Critic

Nathan Rabin

Nathan Rabin is head writer for the Onion A. V. Club. Yeah, he’s pretty much cooler than the guy in ninth grade who could already grow side burns. He’s a critic who writes about movies, does interviews and writes hip hop reviews that melt my face off.

Today’s podcast is on Nathan Rabin and his interview with the Ghost Face Killah.
ftb35.jpg by Coudal.

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