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This is one of two Rucka books on this list. Haven’t heard a lot about this book, but since I finished Queen and Country, I pretty much try to check out everything he writes. How good is Queen and Country? You will not find a book that is better researched. It is a workplace drama that gets the details of the work dynamics perfectly.

What’s this book about? Magick maybe? African Americans? I’m not sure. I’m going in cold.


Every trade so far has been fantastic. There’s no reason to think that quality will stop with Volume 6. Read more

A Gentleman’s Game by Greg Rucka (Book a Week 13)

Quick hits:

  • Greg Rucka’s A Gentleman’s Game is a stomach tightening thriller, especially its climax, and never uses clumsy phrases like “stomach tightening.” The book made me care about its heroes and villains and guess (wrongly) at how complex but visceral situations would play out.  This bears repeating, it made me eager to see how things come out for a group of imaginary people, the task of any good work of fiction.
  • There were some bits I liked more than others.  The beginning isn’t slow but there is a lot of setting the pieces in place.  It is the first novel in the Queen and Country Series whose first installments were graphic novels, so there is some time spent catching up new readers on the characters and the setting.  Those characters are the most engaging.  There are multiple points of view but the story is most exciting when it focuses on the characters that the series has built in the past.  A Gentleman’s Game is less engaging when following a westerner who has become a terrorist in Egypt.
  • The research that went into this story shows. It feels as real as news and easier to believe.
  • The way the struggles and conflicts of the situations tie together is elegant and surprising.  Each plot point sets off the next conflict.  The speed with which the situations change makes the book crackle to the finish.
  • I read the last 100 pages in a lump, the story was so good I couldn’t leave the couch.  That might no big deal for you, but dyslexics don’t read 100 pages in a row unless they really want to.


I like this book a great deal and it deserves a real review, but today it will just get a couple of bullet points blame a scattered mind and a  couple other projects that I’m are calling my name.