Goals for the New Year

Wrote this post on December 28th, but didn’t have the gall to put it up.  Then I saw my blog buddy Josh Hanagarne’s post on goals for 2009 and the success he has had with his list.  So I decided, what the hell.  Also, I am hoping the added pressure of putting this list in public will give me a little more resolve.


I have not done a lot of new years resolutions in my life because I am pretty ok with where I am and generally don’t like throwing down the gauntlet before a year is even started.

But, there is so much that I want to get done. I think if I write down some goals and orient myself toward that list it may be easier for me to do the things I want in the year that’s coming (already here).  Also, with a blog I have a few more witnesses to hold me to it.


  • Be less broke (in terms of liquid assets) at the end of the year than at the beginning


  • Bench my weight
  • Do 12 clean pull-ups
  • Bike a century (100 miles)


  • 120 posts
  • 40 interviews


  • New Set (12 – 14 new original songs)
  • Play 4+ gigs
  • Learn basic piano composition