This Man Will Fashion Your Brain Waves Into a Hat

Sean Montgomery, Doctor of Nueroscience, is fasinated by biofeedback (the body’s external manifestation of thought, feeling, and status).

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Your body is constantly communicating with the outside world. Sean’s “Fashion Devices” take these communication (sweaty palms, heartbeats, and neural impulses) and makes a visual Picture 5representation of them on hats, t-shirts, and bracelets.

To find out more about these fashion devices you can check out Sean’s website here.

Icon Worship

Ok, enough hating on the CTA. This post is actually in honor of the closing of a cool local business. Erik Kittlaus will print you a t-shirt with whatever L stop you want on it, but only if you order before Sunday.
I love these shirts because so many L stops and bus lines have such an emotional cache that comes with them. Every dot on the redline is a favorite bar, an old job or an ex-girlfriend’s house.
So what’s your most important stop on the CTA? What bus or train stop has the best story or holds the most memories for you?

CTA Blue Line Train Sign

I can’t see the blue line without thinking about leaving town.
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