Cooking Tip for the Very Tall

If you’re over six foot three, you may have encountered a problem that I have had. I didn’t recognize it right away, but now I know the oven is way too low. I’ve burned myself on the roof of the oven too many times and, while I think this is common for everyone, I would imagine it’s especially typical of tall people.

So, if you are extremely tall, anytime you have to put something in or take something out of the oven, crouch down very low so that you are looking directly into the oven. This is the best way to keep from burning yourself.

Seeing and moving are intimately linked. You are much more likely to ram your hand into hot metal if you can’t see where it is.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Potatoes Recipe

This is a version of a recipe I got from a site called Family Faves, but I made a couple of little tweaks and it’s much more to my taste now.Spices

This recipe involves a lot of chopping and takes a fair amount of time, but it’s great for batch cooking and it’s a way to make Brussels sprouts taste like delicious French fries. So make a boatload and then enjoy them all week.


  • Brussels Sprouts: 2 pounds
  • Sweet potatoes: 2 pounds
  • Garlic: one clove
  • Olive Oil
  • Seasoning: Salt, Pepper, Rosemary, Cayenne (optional if you are a wimp), Thyme, and Garlic powder, maybe (I never have used it but it sounds like a good idea)

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