75353_662237388946_1821005442_nNorth and Clark is Casey Brazeal’s website.  It’s home to a great deal of my published and unpublished writing, along with the occasional podcast.

Originally, the site was started as  “An interview blog that “holds a microphone to Chicagoans who don’t often make the media spotlight” (Gapers Block). But, after I became a reporter for Extra Newspaper the blog shifted toward the writing I do there and for other publications.   There are still many interviews here in feature form, audio, and Q and A.  The blog now features two serieses, one of travel articles for Extra called Vámanos, and one of Book Reviews that is only available on this site.  My writing has also been published in World’s Strongest Librarian, NewCity, The Leader Post, and Ragbagmag. 

The podcast is available on itunes, @northandclark is on twitter, and I’m in Chicago. If you are interested in my writing or have any questions at all please feel free to contact me through the website, by social media or with email at Northandclark@gmail.com.

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