Google Buys, Kill Songza

A few months ago Google announced it had purchased Songza. This should not have had a large impact on music lovers or musicians. The owner of the website that streams their music is not necessarily important to listeners. Unfortunately, Google stopped the streaming altogether.


The fear had been that Google would treat the property the way Apple treated In that case, after Apple bought Lala, they claimed they intended to incorporate Lala into their larger business and only temporarily. Ultimately, Apple just shuttered Lala.

Google did not even bother with the pretense of doing anything with the service or anything for its users.

This kind of behavior is rent-seeking, it robs the consumers of a service and eliminates a competition for Google’s music service. There is no conceivable benefit to the consumer or to the wider economy. All that happens in a deal like this is that wealth is concentrated in a yet smaller group, and options are decreased.

It’s sad that no part of the government saw fit to step in and stop this.

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