The Will to Whatevs by Eugene Mirman, Book Review

Will to WhatevsI laughed so much reading this book my wife wouldn’t allow me to read it in bed. I laughed so much reading this book on the train that people looked at me as if I were a crazy person. I laughed so much that when I found that the leaf containing page 205 and 206 had been torn out of my library copy,  I wanted to punch a hole in the sun.

When I was reading this book alone, I was always looking around for someone to read the jokes to.

The Will to Whatevs is structured kind of like a self-help book and the humor is absurd. It’s full of little asides and jokes inside of parentheses. The style is the odd meandering style of Mirman’s stand up comedy and the ads he keeps buying in newspapers. I found when I read the book to myself I could hear Mirman talking and that only made the book better.

The book has plenty of negative reviews on Goodreads. The complaint given is usually that the book is silly. This is an odd complaint, it’s like whining that a cupcake has frosting. If you don’t like frosting, then avoid cupcakes. “It’s not about anything,” is a strange attack to mount on a book whose title includes the word “whatevs.” And, what’s more, I would argue that The Will to Whatevs is about something. This series of jokes about Putin and a club called “Shitbag City” is about the impossible promises self-help books make. It’s about the success that these books promise and the weird ways we measure success, but mostly it’s about jokes.

This book has all the structure of a pile of leaves, some of the jokes aren’t funny and it doesn’t build up to anything. But a funny book doesn’t have to be anything but funny, and if it is, then it’s better than 90% of humor written, and this book is very funny.

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