I’ve Been Cast in the New Marmaduke Film!

People who know me in Chicago have been asking why I cut my hair.  Well it’s for a very important reason and I can finally tell everyone… I’ve been cast in the new Marmaduke Movie!

More a reboot than a sequel, I will be playing the part formerly played by Owen Wilson.  It’s a big opportunity and while I’m sad to leave my job and the city I love, I can’t say “no” to the experience or the money. I will update you guys as soon as I have more info, till next time, keep those tails wagging!

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One Response to “I’ve Been Cast in the New Marmaduke Film!”
  1. Colleen says:

    You’re very silly. Are you sure you’re not being cast in the “reboot” of this movie instead? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_of_the_50_Foot_Woman

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