Two Videos I Made with a Dude I Know

I made a couple of silly videos, with my buddy who doesn’t want his name on this foolishness.

This one is about milk

This one is about murder, effete gloved murder.

World’s Strongest Librarian

Josh Hanagarne is a great blogger and a good friend to me.

He wrote a book called World’s Strongest Librarian. I like Josh a lot, so there’s no way for me to write an unbiased review of his memoir.  With that caveate here’s my very biased review: it’s fantastic. The parts about lifting, self control and Tourette’s are full of rare perspective into a world that is totally alien to me; then there is the part about his Mormon upbringing.

If you’re interested in Josh’s work (and if you’re not interested in a bodybuilding librarian with Tourette’s who are you?) you can check out the interview I did with him in two parts, read his post on this blog, or just get the book already.