Update: What’s Going On

Beloved blog readers,

I’m working on about a million projects right now, so this is a quick roundup and link dump.

I have been writing graphic novel/comic book reviews for Josh Hanagarne over at World’s Strongest Librarian.  It’s the spiritual stepchild of the Book a Week project on a site that a lot more people read.  My first two reviews are of Sweet Tooth and Blast Furnace.  I’m thinking the next entry will be on a collection of some of my favorite black and white comics.

I also just turned in an interview with Irish tenor Paddy Homan for New City, and continuing the Irish theme I’m writing  a cover story on St. Patrick’s Battalion for Extra. I hope both will run St. Patrick’s day week.  If they do, I’ll post links in the comments.

There are a number of other projects I’m working on, including a couple original comics of my own. I have written scripts for these, but I need a comic artist. So, if you have an interest in that or know somebody who wants to draw a comic about a goat in the cutthroat world of ingredient purchasing I would be happy to talk to them about that. Also in the comic book vein, I recently interviewed great penciler Emma Rios, and I’ll be covering C2E2 for Extra again this year, so look forward to that.

Finally, H for Hombre is back in action.  We played a show back in February. We recorded a down and dirty, quick and dirty mix-tape/album, that maybe you’ll be able to buy (for cheap). We will play at my brother’s wedding next week (holy crap, my brother is getting married next week). We will play a show that you all can come to on April 7th at Goose Island in Wrigelyville.

Thanks so much to anyone checking in on this site and my writing. I ain’t quit yet, I got more stuff for you.