Latino Caucus may Expand to Include Non-Latino Members (Article for Extra)

The Latino Caucus of alderman is considering opening up to non-Latino alderman who have majority Latino constituencies.  This move could expand the eight member group to as many as 15.

When asked by Extra if this move would benefit the Latino Caucus Alderman Daniel Solis said, “It would be beneficial to the caucus, but more importantly it would be beneficial to the constituency.”  Alderman Solis went on to say, “It would create a better awareness (of Latino issues) for those aldermen with majority Latino constituencies.”

This plan to expand the caucus is contingent on the agreement of the current caucus members and the interest of non-caucus members in joining the group.  Solis said he thought it likely that the caucus would agree and that there would be some non-Latino alderman interested in joining.

The seven alderman who may be invited to join the caucus include Ed Burke of the 14th Ward, John Pope of the 10th Ward, Richard Mell of the 33rd Ward and four others. If these aldermen were willing to join it would not only increase the numbers of members in the Latino Caucus it would also bring influential members of the city council into the group, Solis suggested.

The plan to expand the caucus follows the city’s recent redistricting. This process redrew the wards, and using the new map and the census data it was to identify seven wards with majority Latino populations and non-Latino aldermen.  When asked about the timing of this move Alderman Solis said, “It’s a good time, but we haven’t decided yet.”  The Caucus has to convene to make an official decision, Solis said he thought that decision would come before the end of the first quarter of this year.

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