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Over the past month, since beginning work as a reporter for Extra Newspaper I have written a number of travel articles.  These articles are in a section called Vámonos  (“Let’s go” in English) and I am currently the only writer for that section.  So far, I have written an article every week for the last four weeks.  I hope to complete at least ten of these articles before moving to other projects.

I am posting these articles here at North and Clark for three reasons:

  1. To have a diverse portfolio of travel writing when I am done.
  2. In the interest of preserving this writing in a one place
  3. To share this work with people who might be interested in reading my writing who don’t have access to that paper

All of this content can also be seen every week (laid out much more artfully than I could hope to on this blog) in the physical copy Extra Newspaper and (laid out much less artfully than they show up on this blog) on Extranews.net.

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One Response to “Vámonos Articles”
  1. Colleen says:

    I went to the Extranews.net site.

    It’s got a picture of one of my favorite finds in Pilsen, the Galeria Mestizarte. I used to be part of a life-drawing group that met there on Sundays. A lot of the Mexican artists, including Gabriel Villa, would drop in to draw. That’s how I came to own his “Flor y Mano” and the print, “Escoba.”

    Of course, that’s not the only one of these galleries I’ve drawn in. Tom Robinson’s is on your list. His drawing sessions are my current Sunday delight. And we own his work now, too.

    I guess I’d better check out some of your other recos, and leave my wallet at home.

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