Sophomore Sports to be Cut at all Chicago Public Schools

Josh Locks is the coach of the boys sophmore baseball team and a teacher at Whitney Young High school.  In the wake of Chicago Public Schools considering cutting all Sophmore sports for boys and girl across the city I caught up with Josh to get his take on the situation and ask what could be done to help.

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To contact the Public School system directly to let them know that you value Sports you can write them through this link.

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4 Responses to “Sophomore Sports to be Cut at all Chicago Public Schools”
  1. City Fan says:

    Since a third of the sports program will be cut by eliminating the sophomore level, I assume that the people that coordinate these sports will have their salaries cut by a third. They will have less to do according to my simple logic. Next year, if the proposed reduction of varsity-only CPS Sports, they should make 1/3 of their current salary, right? One gives, all give.

  2. John says:

    Congrats on your blog success, casey. You’re blog is booming (at least with comment counts)…making me and my blog that I’ve had going for 7 years, seem even more of a complete and utter Failure!

    Congrats, man. Looks polished and professional. Cheers.

  3. Ted Hessing says:

    I remember when my highschool went on austerity – all sports were cut (unless you had a $250 fee) as were many AP classes. Lab equipment, especially materials, was non-existant.

    As a 3 sport freshman athlete a $750 charge was formidible. I played soccer with the savings from summer lawn mowing. Winter track was postponed as I built a successful snow shoveling business that ultimately paid for spring track (and led to many more lawn mowing accounts.) In the end, those lawns I mowed paid for junior prom, prom, car insurance, gas, and my first clunker.

    Sadly, that year many of the other would-be athletes discovered drugs and never came back.

    Somebody has to pay for those sports. Why not the ones enjoying them?

  4. Leigha Barth says:

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