Good News for me! Bad News for North and Clark?

I have started accomplishing the goals on my list, but I am going about it in all wrong order.  Last week,  I got a job (with these fine people).  An honest to goodness full time non-freelance job.

I got the job by working for free (with these fine people) but that is tomorrow’s post.

This checks a big one off my to do list.  I have been under employed for a long time, longer than I ever wanted to be, and a regular pay check is a welcome change. Sadly, this shifts my priorities and I will not be able to attend to this blog the way I once did. Still, I love this blog, I remember the goals I set and I have no wish to let it starve to death from in attention.  I know that no post is more boring than an apology for not posting more often (the irony of complaining about return to blogging posts in a return to blogging post is not beyond me).

There will be a post tomorrow.  North and Clark lives on.

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10 Responses to “Good News for me! Bad News for North and Clark?”
  1. Elias says:

    North&Clark Neva Die!

  2. Colleen says:

    I’m glad you intend to keep up North and Clark! Congratulations on you new job and paycheck. You’re the third person I’ve heard of who recently got a job by working for free in 2009.

  3. Lori says:

    Wow! This is great news, Casey. Congratulations for moving out from under the “under employment” gazebo.

    I’ll be here whenever you find time to post again, even if it’s much less often. That’s the beauty of RSS – it will tell me when you’ve managed to carve out some time to write for us.

    Onward ho!
    :) Enjoy and don’t forget us little people.

  4. Frank Bauer says:


  5. CharlesHo says:

    Congratulations on the gig, man. I’ve been checking into some different options for me and snagging some additional work here and there with my wife’s company and been busy as crazy lately myself, glad those fortunes are finding you now too.

  6. John says:

    This is more a comment on the About page. What is with grafitti and chicagoans? I never understood that? But seemed like correlation with chicago specifically for some odd reason and grafitti or maybe that was just city life in general and grafitti.

    • John says:

      I’ve taken the time to scrutinize (albeit briefly) this blog. IT’s very polished, professional but also simple. It’s much better than mine. My ambitions and goals for my blog of the past 7 years (partially quasi- to share thoughts, to get feedback, to make statement, to earn something, to share voice, to share something considered of value, to fulfill some self-created obligation to be productive, and other objectives much of which were not fulfilled).

      Your agenda and goal seems similar and your posts (unlike some of my panicked posts) are smooth.

      I like the audio components nicely peppered into the blog.

      Your Design is massively simple and intuitive and your labels and categories are simple and intuitive (the complete Opposite of mine with like 3 dozen labels and multiple categories and over complexity). I think your simple style is easier to read and simply better.

      I’ve found through experience that things that I make overly complex (like with 40+ labels and byzantine categorization and massive intricacy) are things that I likely don’t want to be doing.

      Math for example, very complex and intricate, but my relationship to it is very direct and simple and non-convoluted. So I’m not saying that you have to have simple focuses (you can easily focus on things that are highly rocket science complex), but whatever you focus on be it ridiculously complex or bland and brainless, if you’re “into it” your relationship to it is simple, direct and non-convoluted.

      Basically, be on alert for when your relationship with some Thing (a subject of study, an environment, a project, an email account) because massively convoluted and complex. The byzantine overly-intricate web of complexity is likely just your way of building up a wall or protecting yourself from something either 1)holds no interest, 2)isn’t safe, 3)simply isn’t for you.

      Obviously, if we always possessed the capacity to be like “Hey, I don’t want XYZ” this convoluted, intricacy “wall effect” wouldn’t occur, but sometimes self-honesty is a, unfortunately, a rare commodity!

      Example: My audio files versus my document files. My document files are this massive disgusting repulsive festering web of nested folders in nested folders ad infinitum. My audio and photo files have a scientific naming system so I can instantly find an audio recording or photo file I need in a few seconds but I have all the audio and all the photos in more or less only a few main folders!

      With this example, I think I’m telling myself. Document files are a bit of a headache. I’m interested in audio files and the “pictures worth a thousand words” photos more than typed documents (of which I have a lot of). There was also the goal of somehow monetizing the writing work.

      So bottom-line: if you find yourself investing time in a convoluted web of something that seems unnecessarily complex, evaluate your interest in that thing. It’s quite likely you may not want to do anything with it at all.

      Then what do you do with the items that you officially realized are rubbish that you don’t want anymore? I do not know!!

      If I pour say 80 hours into some document (a book idea, some project) and then I move on from it, but I DON’T ADMIT TO MYSELF THAT I’VE MOVED ON FROM IT, I’m not going to want to discard that work. That time. Those 80 hours time is money i’ve poured into that xyz document. So I incubate. I have literally hundreds of such documents. Didn’t know what to do with them but compelled to do “work” of some kind.

      Basically, this is the consequence of being fearful of throwing something out that you’ve worked VERY hard on and poured MASSIVE amounts of hours of work into. Let’s call that project “useless hard work” (UHW). Ultimately, I guess the best thing to do is face up to have frustrating it is that UHW is useless, get pissed about how much time you wasted and put into it and then just chuck it or maybe put it into a “wasted time” folder, likely never to be seen again.

      If you can’t face that, what I do is the convoluted web thing, which is MUCH Worse than just facing up and discarding UHW. Because when I fail to admit to myself that I need to discard something it becomes 1)wasted work 2)clutter 3)source of revisted uncertainty.

      So yeah…identifying things that will serve no useuful future purpose when it comes to digital documents is tough, but a necessary skill to learn for rudimentary sanity (having things that are only relevant), I reckon.

      Bottom-line you had a readership. haha!! Unquestionable criteria for success. Anyways, congrats.

    • Casey says:

      Simplicity is huge. The more focused the better. I don’t know how big my readership is/was, but they were great participators and I have had a lot of fun interacting with them.

      Good luck unweaving your tangled web.

    • Casey says:

      It’s definitely an urban thing. I never really knew much about it but I have always been fascinated by it.

  7. John says:

    Okay I actually just read this post. Congrats on the Income-earning career, casey! A situation I have long-saught (6 years now) as well, so can relate to how difficult/hard work/etc. I have done a lot of voice work and hope will connect with people I revere.

    I checked out the marketing mom’s site. So you’re job “category” is marketer? I remember you working for some nonprofit church in some odd place (texas??) or something in roughly 2007 (I think?). Anyways, congrats on landing a job WITH a paycheck!

    Hopefully your auspicious victory is contagious and I will experience the same soon enough!

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