Goals for the New Year

Wrote this post on December 28th, but didn’t have the gall to put it up.  Then I saw my blog buddy Josh Hanagarne’s post on goals for 2009 and the success he has had with his list.  So I decided, what the hell.  Also, I am hoping the added pressure of putting this list in public will give me a little more resolve.


I have not done a lot of new years resolutions in my life because I am pretty ok with where I am and generally don’t like throwing down the gauntlet before a year is even started.

But, there is so much that I want to get done. I think if I write down some goals and orient myself toward that list it may be easier for me to do the things I want in the year that’s coming (already here).  Also, with a blog I have a few more witnesses to hold me to it.


  • Be less broke (in terms of liquid assets) at the end of the year than at the beginning


  • Bench my weight
  • Do 12 clean pull-ups
  • Bike a century (100 miles)


  • 120 posts
  • 40 interviews


  • New Set (12 – 14 new original songs)
  • Play 4+ gigs
  • Learn basic piano composition

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4 Responses to “Goals for the New Year”
  1. Lori says:

    Great job, Casey!
    I have no doubt that you will succeed. I, personally, am really looking forward to seeing your interviews, posts, and hearing about your music gigs.

    Don’t forget to update us about your progress! (I’ll be watching…)

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Casey:

    Thanks for sharing your goals here…I may see you on the bike path in the summer. Hey, where does your band play…I see you played the Elbo Room awhile ago…my stepbro played there in his band a few years ago. Good luck hitting your goals in 2010.

  3. Casey says:

    @Tim if you see me on the Bike path it will probably be when you fly by me. I am still ramping up. Me and the Hombres loved playing the Elbo Room but we don’t really have a standing gig (Real jobs being the main reason for that). That said I will be sure to let you know next time we play.

    @Lori you are an excellent supporter. I trust you to be on me to accomplish more than 5% (national average) of the goals I set for myself.

    @all sorry there wasn’t a direct link to Josh’s site, he writes at http://worldsstrongestlibrarian.com and if you ever see a good idea hear I probably stole it from him.

  4. Elias says:

    You can do it, homeboy! I’ll work towards the bike century with you. And I do pull ups so I’ll work on those with ya too!

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