World Cup Team Rankings

The World Cup is being drawn right now.  There has been much fuss about rankings and groups, so I decided to make my own rankings.  Admittedly, I am just a casual fan, and I know a good deal more about the top ten and those teams that play here in the Americas than the bottom 22 so feel free to let me know where I am way off or full of crap.

My ranking for teams in the world cup:

1)    Brazil
2)    Germany
3)    Italy
4)    Spain
5)    Portugal
6)    Argentina
7)    England
8)    France
9)    Netherlands
10)  Greece
11)  USA
12)  Mexico
13)  Algeria
14)  Serbia
15)  Cote d’ivoire
16)  Switzerland
17)  Denmark
18)  Slovakia
19)  Slovenia
20)  Chile
21)  Australia
22)  Cameroon
23)  Paraguay
24)  Nigeria
25)  Ghana
26)  Japan
27)  Uruguay
28)  South Africa
29)  New Zealand
30)  Honduras
31)  Korea Republic
32)  Korea DPR


Groups have been selected.  It looks like the USA has been reasonably fortunate with in group C with:

  • USA
  • England
  • Algeria
  • Slovenia

Meanwhile the Group of Death looks to be Group G with:

  • Brazil
  • North Korea
  • Portugal
  • Cote d’Ivoire

For full ranks you can follow yahoo’s coverage here

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4 Responses to “World Cup Team Rankings”
  1. John says:


    Nice try. Overall okay, but some rankings are pretty far off, in my honest opinion. I think the rankings system is actually pretty flawed, but that’s just me.

    I would rank Ivory Coast, while in a tough group, above the US, Serbia and Greece. I would move South Korea somewhere towards the middle of the group. I would rank Australia higher than Switzerland. And I would certainly rank Spain higher than Italy. I’m sure there are other changes I would make, but those are a few that stand out to me.

    • Casey says:

      HAHA – I thought you would say that. We got to get you on this blog talking World Cup Again someday John. Hit me up when you have a list and I promise to tell you who you overrated.

  2. Whoa i’m surprised Ghana ran off with the win, great for a first African country.

  3. Germany is by far a top team, Germany 3-0

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