December 3rd Dinner Concert

Hear Ye Hear Ye
Thursday, December 3rd
7:15 PM
Dinner and Concert
2459 W. Wilson Apt#2
Featuring Singer Songwriters: James Farrell, Tom Fort, and Emily Clair Palmer
You’re Invited
Bring 10 Bucks to Cover Costs

Why a Dinner Concert

I love to feature local musician’s on the site.  I also like to bring you music in video and audio, but I always feel weird having somebody perform for me alone in my house.  Also, I have been talking about homebrew beer for month and been totally unable to share it.  I want to take the blog the people.

Enter the chef

All of this was in the back of my mind during a recent conversation with my friend Maren. After hearing that I was a home brewer my dear friend Maren Keeley suggested we host a dinner.  Maren is a cook at Uncommon Ground and an all around food ninja, capable of making all seasonal holiday-onal deliciousness.

After Hearing this I immediately hijacked the idea and suggested that North and Clark sponsor a diner concert.  Because there are a lot of musician’s I have been wanting to share with you guys on the blog.  They are…

The Entertainment

Our featured musicians are James Farrel, Tom Fort, and Emily Claire Palmer.  They are fantastic musicians who are described in depth in a previous post.

So Come on out

To cover the costs of dinner and other nonsense we are asking for people to pop for 10 bucks (I wanted to charge 20, but Maren insists).  Either way it’s a steal.

If this sounds good to you leave a comment or write me an email @, but be quick about it cause we can only fit twenty five people and eleven of those spots have already been reserved.

So there are only 25 14 5 SOLD OUT.

See you there,

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5 Responses to “December 3rd Dinner Concert”
  1. CharlesHo says:

    I’m stuck working, but I’ll let my wife Megan know, she might be game and it’s literally 2-3 blocks from where we live.

    • Casey says:

      @Charles I am going to start hosting events at like 1:30 in the afternoon from now on so that I can hang with you. I am bummed that you will not be able to make the show, but with the dinner we will be giving out some of the home brew that Ted and I have been working on and if Megan comes I will be sure she gets a bottle to take home to you.

      @Colleen If you would like to bring something to drink besides home brew beer you are welcome to otherwise just bring your smiling self.

  2. Colleen says:

    Mickey’s teaching, but I’m free. So much talent for so little $. Can guests bring anything to add to the eve? Effervescent waters, guitar picks, dishwashing soap?

  3. Elias says:

    This sounds great! I’ll be there for sure

  4. Elias says:

    I’ve heard Emily Palmer and Tom Fort live before and they are both amazing. Looking forward to hearng James Farrell in person for the first time. Way to go, NorthAndClark

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