Living with Tourette’s Syndrome: An Interview with Josh Hanagarne World’s Strongest Librarian (Part 1 of 2)

Josh Hanagarne has a blog, bends steal, and works as a librarian, but most importantly (to me) Josh writes about all of these things in a passionate, simple, and immediate way.

I couldn’t wait to interview Josh there was way too much good material.  So, I broke the interview in to two sections by subject.  This podcast concerns living with Tourette’s Syndrome the second podcast concerns bending steal, band books, and Josh’s upcoming memoir.

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Notes: 1. I should mention that because of Josh’s Tourette’s you may hear a couple outburst during the podcast.  This is a tick and not something to worry you. 2. This interview was conducted over skype and the sound quality is poor, my apologies.

About Josh: Josh Hanagarne writes World’s Strongest Librarian, a blog with advice about coping with Tourette’s Syndrome, book recommendations, buying pants when you’re 6’8”, old-time strongman training, and so much more. Please subscribe to Josh’s RSS Update to stay in touch.

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3 Responses to “Living with Tourette’s Syndrome: An Interview with Josh Hanagarne World’s Strongest Librarian (Part 1 of 2)”
  1. Anderw says:

    Casey this is a stunning interview. Pitty about the sound quality but I put up with it because I just had to hear the whole story.

    Josh really shows that no matter what you think might be something to hold you back, get over it, suck it up, deal with it, and make things the way you want them to be.

    Great stuff!

    • Andrew, Thanks for checking it out. Josh is a pleasure to talk to and I could have spoken to him for hours. I think we all deal with issues of control. Josh in his subversion of Tourette’s and his efforts to choose the battle field is a model to me of how I can take control in my own life, by deciding what to pursue, picking my battle field and finding some place where I can get a win.

  2. Colleen says:

    From the sound of it, youra will be the fastest book ever written. Most writers have highly developed procrastination skills. Not you, though. Good thing, too, it will provide solace/inspiration for many, many. And no, I don’t mean people with Tourette’s.

    Please, keep us posted. Maybe, next time, you could play us a tune.

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