Mutual: A Song from IJ Quinn

Today’s post is a video preview of the music of IJ Quinn.

IJ Quinn is a Chicago based songwriter with the range to sing Michael Jackson and the writing chops to sell his songs to major recording artists.  I heard IJ play at Schuba’s and I knew I wanted to get this man on the blog.  After doing the interview IJ was kind enough to shoot a live recording for the blog.  We took this video a few days ago in my apartment, I hope you liked it.

Our full interview will be available tomorrow.  If you want to check out IJ’s great studio recordings you can check out his website.

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6 Responses to “Mutual: A Song from IJ Quinn”
  1. Lori says:

    Hi Casey,
    I was swaying and tapping my toes to the groove.

    And, you’re right, I can hear MJ in the hollows of his voice. I love to find up-and-comers and IJ Quinn certainly fits the bill.

    Great pick, great venue ;) and thanks for introducing me to a gifted musician. Thumbs up!

    • Thanks for checking us out Lori. I knew folks would love IJ I have a little bit more material from him up my sleeve so definitely check back in. Later this week.

  2. TIC (Ben) says:

    Casey, IJ is fantastic. I’m looking forward to more material here. Love your site–I’m up in West Rogers Park, but one obviously doesn’t have to live in Chicago to appreciate it. I’m new to the blogging thing so I’m still working out some kinks, and indeed I’m taking this upcoming long weekend to move some things around on my site. Your site inspires (sorry for the cheesy verb there) me to work a little harder and enjoy this great city. Thanks!

    • Ben, I am flattered buddy. I don’t know how you discovered this site, but it is a pleasure to write for people who enjoy the material. I hope you have a lot of success with your blog and with this city.


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