What To Do When You Can’t Control Your Circumstances

By Josh Hanagarne,

Long story short, I am dealing with a horrible case of Tourette’s Syndrome that has resurfaced with a bang after years of being more dormant.

It causes me to injure myself in a lot of different ways, none of them on purpose. But so what? Hopelessness and misery are beneath me, and they are beneath you as well.

Things that used to put me on my back and cripple me are now just making me irritated and productive. Mainly because I have learned to love a good fight.

We all have situations that feel intolerable. Pains that we would rather not bear and can’t figure out. The good news is, anyone can learn to deal with situations and circumstances that they can’t control. You can do it too.

Introduce something that you can control

For me this has meant lifting weights, exercising with kettlebells, learning the guitar, and pushing myself in extreme ways. Anything for a victory. Anything that improves me.

I have no control over the chemicals in my brain. I have no control over my genetics. Those are fights I can’t win unless I choose the battlefield.

When you cannot control a situation, you must introduce elements that you can control. If you build up enough small victories, they’ll trump whatever big setbacks you have.

Things are never so bad that they can’t improve.

Do whatever it takes, but do something. If you are sad, scared, bored, unhealthy, or angry, take steps and do something.

Refuse to be miserable.

Refuse to give in.

Grind your teeth and smile.

Put your head down and do something.

I’ll be doing the same and we’ll eventually be better for it.

About the Author: Josh Hanagarne writes World’s Strongest Librarian, a blog with advice about coping with Tourette’s Syndrome, book recommendations, buying pants when you’re 6’8”, old-time strongman training, and so much more. Please subscribe to Josh’s RSS Update to stay in touch.

From the Editor I am a huge fan of Josh’s and I feel lucky to be able to include such an honest and moving post from him. I hope you all get a chance to enjoy his work again.

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2 Responses to “What To Do When You Can’t Control Your Circumstances”
  1. Dan Cosgrove says:

    Excellent advice, especially considering how many things people choose to complain about that they actually CAN control.

    This can be applied to anything from living in the past to baldness. Good job, keep it up.


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