Clean Renewable Energy You’ve Never Heard Of

Heat capture is a technology that uses waste heat to generate power. Its a little used and in many places little known technology, but it could have wide reaching effects on carbon emissions, climate change, and industry in United States.

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Our interview subject today, Ken Pavlich, is a friend of the site. When he last spoke to North and Clark he was talking about the goldmine he managed.

photo by: Crystalline Radical

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2 Responses to “Clean Renewable Energy You’ve Never Heard Of”
  1. Dave says:

    How can we trust any industrial polluter to make clean energy? These people are the problem not the solution!

  2. Casey Brazeal (North and Clark says:

    Dave, I think you take a too strident a view on this. While its true that many industries have been irresponsible in dealing with the environment it would be wrong to make a blanket accusation against all of manufacturing.

    If we are going to use glass in America there have to be glass plants. Why not look to the manufacture that already exists and try to improve it?

    My political views and Ken's are not identical by any means but I respect what hes doing in trying to find ways to help business and manufacture in the U. S. deal with environmental and political issues. That's why I interviewed him.

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