Money, Hitmen, Brazil, Explosives and Emeralds (Part 2)

The second half of our interview with anthropologist and University of Chicago Alum Professor Brian Brazeal.  This part of the interview concerns Brian’s own personal experience of the emerald trade and his method for studying the sellers, the buyers, and a place called the Rat Market.

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“Even the unreliable sources can provide you with very interesting information if you have a sense of when people are lying to you and when they’re not.”

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3 Responses to “Money, Hitmen, Brazil, Explosives and Emeralds (Part 2)”
  1. John says:

    Wait…um…this is Casey Brazeal interviewing BROTHER, Brian Brazeal, right?? The kinship wasn’t denoted in the post, wanted to make sure.

    This is a REALLY bloody frickin’ good interview (acoustic, questions, subject, information).

    I can REALLY relate to brian’s travel style, too, having been traveling the past 6 months.

    “Getting rid of gigantic backpack for my stream-lined travel” Can relate to that BIG TIME!

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the distinguished professor title (yet, maybe haha).

    Anthro was my FYE at CC, maybe that was more relevant than I thought.

    Anyways, this was an awesome interview.

    Casey, you’re an excellent interviewer.

    Ah, okay I heard the fraternal reference at the end.

    • Casey says:

      Thanks so much John! I really liked talking to Brian about his time in Brazil. His stories are just endless and they go in a lot of fun directions.

  2. Derek says:

    Great to hear Brian on the internet. I had the pleasure of working with him – very articulate and intelligent man!

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